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What is SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate, or Secure Sockets Layer certificate, is a digital certificate that encrypts the communication between a website and a user’s browser, ensuring data security and privacy. It verifies the authenticity and identity of the website, protects sensitive information such as login credentials and credit card details, and establishes a secure connection for safe online transactions and data transfer.


What makes SSL certificate important?

SSL certificate is important for a variety of reasons, including:


SSL certificates protect sensitive data from being intercepted by third parties. This is particularly important for websites that collect personal information, such as e-commerce sites and online banking services.



SSL certificates build trust with website visitors. When visitors see the lock icon in the address bar of a website, they know that the website is secure and their data is safe. This can lead to increased traffic and conversions on the website.


Search Engine Ranking:

Google and other search engines give priority to websites that have an SSL certificate. This is because SSL certificates indicate that the website is secure and trustworthy.


SSL certificate validity:

SSL certificates have a validity period. The duration of validity can vary depending on the certificate issuer and the type of certificate. Typically, SSL certificates are issued for a period of 1 to 2 years.


Free SSL Certificate VS Paid SSL Certificate:

There are two main types of SSL certificates: free and paid. Free SSL certificates are typically issued by a non-profit organization called Let’s Encrypt. Paid SSL certificates are issued by commercial certificate authorities.

Free SSL certificates provide basic security features, while paid SSL certificates offer more advanced features such as Extended Validation (EV) certificates. EV certificates are the highest level of SSL certificates and display a green bar in the web browser’s address bar.


What SSL certificate should I obtain?

The type of SSL certificate you should obtain depends on the needs of your website. If your website does not collect sensitive information, a free SSL certificate may be sufficient. However, if your website collects sensitive information such as credit card numbers or personal information, you should obtain a paid SSL certificate.

Therefore, SSL certificates are an important security measure for websites. They protect sensitive data from being intercepted by third parties and establish trust with website visitors. If you have a website that collects sensitive information, you should get an SSL certificate.

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